Anthony Furlong
Anthony Furlong
Designer | Director | Creator
Available for freelance or staff opportunities


Hi Verizon!

I'm very happy to share with you a sample of my previous work in the technology/communications sector. As a Director and Creative Director, I have led teams of creatives for the past 12 years (and another 8 in the digital space) to create stories and brand experiences full of humanity and wonder. Not only have I played these roles, but I have also worked alongside my teams as a designer, writer, animator and programmer on the same projects. My strengths lie in thinking outside the box, strategizing and nurturing talent - which I've done for feature films, television, advertising, experiences, online and in print.

Thanks so much for having a look.

Sunday Night Football - Sponsored by Verizon
Emmy Winner for Art Direction

Apple Watch Christmas Ads
Series of short spots aired on social media platforms

Samsung Galaxy s8 Launch Event


I carry a unique understanding of mixing technology with human emotion which I have developed over the past 20+ years, and I'm excited to continue exploring the limitless possibilities with you and the team at 140. 

Verizon is so much more than a telecom company. Let's gather the best and brightest to disrupt the marketing space and give consumers a real home. I see Verizon as that home, using technology to bring people together and advance society around the world.

Thank you again for your time. Let's change the world together.